About us

About us

Welcome fellow travelers!

Thank you for choosing to visit our newly established blog Elvia Travel. Our blog was created with the intention of helping you – fellow readers and explorers – out with finding your next great destination. We would like to dedicate this blog to all the mesmerizing places our charming home country Slovakia has to offer as well as crossing the borders and exploring the enchanting place, which is our planet. Now, Elvia Travel is still young and only getting started, but it will be up and running in no time and available for all your needs.

Firstly, please allow us to get you acquainted with the people behind Elvia Travel. We are a team of 3 young women still studying in high school. Because of our shared love of traveling, we were struck by this idea of starting a blog where we would be able to share with you the corners of the planet we have traveled to, share our experiences with these destinations, and give you recommendations on what to do if you ever decide to visit them.  

Of course, our blog won’t only contain the places we have traveled to. We intend to also inform you about locations we have not yet had the chance to see but would love to in the future and think others should as well.

Elvia Travel is all for interaction. If you have visited corners of the world you think are worth sharing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would absolutely love to include your adventures in our blogs and make them available for other readers to see.

We truly hope you will enjoy Elvia Travel and find it helpful on your next travel adventure!

Members of Elvia Travel:

Eli – Hi, my name is Eli. In my free time, I really enjoy playing tennis, reading books, listening to music and of course traveling. My favorite place that I have visited is either London or New York. I would definitely love to visit these places again. A place that I still haven’t visited but really want to would probably have to be Paris or Hawaii.

Lea – Hello, I am Lea. I love listening to music, reading books, traveling and currectly, I’m learning French, because I really wanna live in France one day. I haven’t had the chance to travel a lot yet, but here are a few places I would love to visit one day – Paris, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Vika – Hi, my name is Vika. My hobbies are travelling, listening to music and also doing my own nails. I have visited many countries and sightseeings in my life, but there are countless places in my list, that I want to visit one day. In future, I would like to visit Sweden, Dubai and USA, but I definitely do not want to miss beautiful places in Slovakia as well.




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