Bojnice ZOO

Bojnice ZOO

Are you looking for a place for an easy day trip with your family? Spring is slowly coming, so I think that visiting zoo could be the right choice. The Bojnice ZOO is the oldest zoo in Slovakia. It was opened to the public in 1955. It is located in a beautiful calming environment around Bojnice Castle. If you want to know more about it, make sure you read this article!


The zoo is located in central Slovakia near the town of Prievidza, next to Bojnice Castle, which is known in the whole world. It can be reached by several means of transport. The first and most convenient option is to travel by car. It is more expensive these days, but you don´t have to wait for a bus or a train. There is also a parking space available for all the visitors of the zoo. As I mentioned, you can also get to Prievidza or to Bojnice by bus or train. If you are a student, I would recommend using train as it is for free.

Something about fauna

Bojnice ZOO presents a unique collection of animals from around the world. You will find more than 360 different species, of which there are more than 2700 specimens. Some species of animals can be found only in this zoo. As part of animal protection, the ZOO has been cooperating on projects related to the rescue of endangered animal species not only in Slovakia, but also throughout Europe. The zoo provides a home to these animals in need.

Which animals can you find here?

Animals are divided into several pavilions. The most famous pavilion is the elephant one, which was built in 1984. Since then, it has undergone several reconstructions and modernizations. It looks really beautiful nowadays. Meerkats and turtles live there with elephants.

In addition to the elephant pavilion, there is also an educational trail set in a forest environment, where during the walk you will see pavilions of wolves, lynx and smaller carnivores, cages and aviaries for birds, enclosures for ibex or deer.

Throughout the zoo you have the opportunity to visit the children’s zoo, where you will see pets such as goats, sheep, ponies and donkeys. Along the way you will see water birds, a beast pavilion (tigers, lions), a monkey pavilion, a vivarium (exposition of frogs, a terrarium with snakes, an aquarium with various species of fish) or a butterfly garden.

There are also many restaurants and buffets where you can have a good meal or a snack when you get hungry. The same goes for various souvenir shops or attractions for children, such as carousels and bouncy castles.

Price list

Admission for an adult costs 8€. Of course, the ZOO also provides a discounted entrance fee of 4€ for children under 15, students, pensioners or holders of a disability card. The ZOO also offers the possibility to purchase a ticket with a guide.

My personal experience

I have visited Bojnice ZOO several times and I must say that I have never left disappointed. Every time I came there, something was renovated, so they regularly modernize the animal pavilions or attractions around. The environment and atmosphere are pleasant and I would definitely recommend visiting this place especially for families with children. If you have more time, I would definitely recommend walking around the castle or visiting the castle from the inside.




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