Castle Povazska Bystrica – view with a piece of history

Castle Povazska Bystrica – view with a piece of history

Hello everyone! In this article, we are going to take a look at a castle in Povazska Bystrica. Despite the fact that the castle is not preserved, it is actually considered as a ruin, it still offers a unique view connected with a piece of Slovak history.

Location of the castle

The castle is located on a hill, not far from Povazska Bystrica. You can see the longest river in Slovakia called Vah which flows right below the castle. This place is located around 30 km from Zilina. I personally recommend travelling here by car, because it can be quite difficult to get here with public transport. Near the castle is a small parking lot, where you can leave your car for free.

Journey to the castle

As I already mentioned, the castle is located on top of a hill. There is a marked forest path that leads directly to the castle. The journey is not difficult, so children and older people shouldn’t have any problem getting here. It takes around 15 – 20 minutes to get to the castle.

History of the castle and its current version

The castle is thought to be built in the 13th century. During its existence, it has undergone various reconstructions, was on fire and was also occupied by an army. It was destroyed in 1698.

Now the castle is considered as ruin. Only some walls, window gaps, towers and defences are partly preserved.

Entry to the castle is for free and the castle is open for people nonstop. In the castle’s area, you can find educational signs, that describe the history of the castle in details. You can also find a model that shows the castle in its original form.

The view

You will get an absolutely beautiful view of Povazska Bystrica, Vah, part of Zilina, Povazske Pohradie and surrounding villages. The castle offers different spots, from which you can enjoy the view but you will get the best view from a wooden construction, which is built on the edge of the hill. From this point, you can see absolutely everything.

And if you get lucky, you might catch a spectacular sunrise or sunset, which will make you enjoy the view and the castle even more.


If you love views or history, I definitely recommend visiting this place. The journey won’t take you long, the view is amazing and it is all for free. Even if it gets crowded, you don´t have to worry about waiting in queues. You can just walk around the castle’s premises and enjoy the beautiful views.

I hope that you like this article and we are looking forward to you coming back to our website.

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