Croatia – island of Krk and its surroundings

Croatia – island of Krk and its surroundings

Hello everyone. Even though it is still cold outside and the weather is not very nice, I have a tip for a summer vacation for you.

Are you planning on going on a summer holiday, but you don´t know where yet? This summer destination will delight not only lovers of the sea and the sun, but also those who do not enjoy travelling by plane and prefer to travel by car. I am talking about a very popular destination – Croatia.

I think that many of you, dear readers, have already visited Croatia. Each of us knows some of the famous cities and destinations in Croatia such as Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, or Zadar. But have you ever heard of the island of Krk and its interesting places? If not, you are in the right place. Today, we will take a look together at the various beaches and places located in Krk.

A little information about the island

With an area of approximately 410km2, the island of Krk is the largest in the Adriatic Sea. However, its uniqueness also lies in the fact that it is connected to the land by two bridges. Around the island, there are several smaller islands and rocky cliffs.


At the beginning, I would like to say a little about the place, where me and my family were accommodated. Although Čižicí is not one of the most famous places on the island, I have to say that I was surprised by its atmosphere. You will find long pebble-sandy beaches suitable especially for families travelling with children, but also a healing mud beach where you can relax from everyday stress. During the tourist season, visitors can enjoy several interesting traditional festivals and various cultural events.

Our accommodation was about a kilometre away from the beach. The area offers several apartments and cottages for accommodation. There were also many restaurants nearby with pleasant atmosphere.

Did you come here with your dogs? You do not have to worry as there are several beaches allowed for dogs.

One of the beaches for dogs


The village of Risika is a popular tourist attraction mainly because of its location. From this village you can reach all the main places on the island within a 15-minute drive. Another essential factor is that it is the most famous sandy beach with attractions not only for children but also adults. The beaches on this island are mostly rocky, which makes Risika different from them.

The rich nature around Risika, the scent of aromatic plants and the seaside scent are best experienced when walking along the marked hiking trails.

St. Marek´s beach

Surrounding nature of Risika

Places nearby that are definitely worth the visit


The town of Crikvenica is also one of the most popular holiday destinations, especially for tourists from Central Europe. It is located about 40km from the town of Krk. We have decided to visit this place for several reasons. Our goal was to visit as many different and interesting places as possible, and for that reason we have visited a new beach every day. When we were in Croatia, the Croatian football team played the finals of the World Cup. We thought it may be interesting to watch this match with hundreds of people. I have to say that the atmosphere was unreal.

Among other things, there are also many restaurants, cafes and various places where you can sit and relax for a bit. There are also several beaches with various attractions.


On our way home, we stopped in the 3rd largest Croatian city. Rijeka is a port city that forms an important transport hub, thanks to the port, but also the airport located here.

As you can see in the photos, the square is made up of various monuments and buildings built in the Roman and Baroque styles. On the way around the square, you will find many cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy great coffee or various Croatian specialties. We did not stay in Rijeka for a very long time, which is why we did not have the opportunity to visit the various monuments, galleries, and museums that are located here.




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