Dublin – Howth

Dublin – Howth

Hey everyone! These past two weeks, we spent our time exploring the beautiful capital city of Ireland – Dublin. The whole Elvia Travel team went there together.

For the next three weeks, we have decided to write 3 different articles about Dublin, since there are lots of things to explore and we want to give you an insight into everything.

The first part of the Dublin article trilogy will be about a mesmerizing peninsular village located in the outer suburb of Dublin – Howth.

I think I can say on behalf of the team that this was our favorite part of the entire trip.

Howth – how to get here, what to visit

Howth is a small fishing village and trading port located next to the sea and on the hillside with golf courses, cliffs, and coastal paths. You can get here by car, bus or the dart (Dublin’s train). We decided to take the Dart because we found it the easiest and fastest way to get here. We got on the train at Tara Street station located right downtown and it took like 30 minutes to get to Howth.

When you get to Howth, you will feel like you stepped into a completely different place, because it is so different from the center. Because of the sea and surrounding hills, we felt like we were on a summer vacation. Howth is like a getaway spot from all the hectic and loud city.

To get to know the Howth area better, I recommend going to the Farmer’s market located only a few meters from the Dart station. It is full of various foods and souvenirs. You can also visit the Dublin Castle. Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit the castle but we saw it on our way back from the cliffs. Another thing you have to do is go on the coastal paths around the sea and the port. The views from there are absolutely stunning.

The Cliff Walk

Now moving on to our favorite part of the trip – Cliff walks. Even though we are not the biggest fans of hiking, this is a must-see! If you follow the path around Howth, you will slowly start going up a hill. Right at the beginning of going to the cliffs will be a staircase leading to a hidden beach. It was so beautiful there. The water was cold, but some people were still swimming.

Going up the road, you will be walking around the neighborhood until you reach the cliff walk paths. One thing to look out for on your way there is the house from Love, Rosie.

There are 3 paths to choose from:

  • green path: this path is the shortest and goes only around the cliffs
  • blue path (our path): the first half of the walk will be on the cliffs but once you reach a certain point, you will walk back through the neighborhoods and hidden trails
  • red and purple path: these paths are the longest and they will take you around the entire peninsula

I definitely recommend taking the blue path. It will take a bit longer than the green path, but not only will you get to see the cliffs with stunning views of Howth and the sea, but you will also get to see the lovely neighborhoods of Howth. The entire walk took us like 2 hours. But whatever path you decide to take, you will not be disappointed. The views are absolutely gorgeous and it was definitely the highlight of our entire trip.

To close this off, we definitely recommend visiting Howth. It was so beautiful there, so much to do and see and we cannot wait to visit it again in the future.

Make sure to check out the next two parts of the trilogy focused on the main sights you have to see in Dublin and places we personally found interesting.




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