Janosikove diery from a non-tourist’s point of view

Janosikove diery from a non-tourist’s point of view

Hi! In today’s article, we will take a look at another interesting place in Slovakia – Janosikove diery. I will tell you about this place from my personal experience, from a point of view of someone who doesn’t like going on hikes that much. Let’s dive right into it.

What are Janosikove diery?

In the beginning, I will tell you what Janosikove diery is. It is a part of Mala Fatra that consists of glens, canyons, rock formations, and waterfalls. The entire area is full of small bridges and ladders. Janosikove diery has different tourist routes and I definitely recommend looking at them on the Internet beforehand or on the informational boards located there.

Location of Janosikove diery

As I already mentioned, Janosikove diery is located in Mala Fatra in village Terchova. The route from Zilina to Terchova is about 30 kilometres long. We have already talked about the routes to Terchova in another article (article here). You can take a bus or drive there by car.

There are several parking lots near Janosikove diery. You can park directly there, but some citizens of the village offer parking in their own yards. But you will have to pay for both. I was there in August during the weekend and I had no problem with finding a place to park.

This place is open nonstop and it is for free, so the only thing you will have to pay for is parking if you come here by car.

My experience from this place

Now I will tell you about my own experience of visiting this place. But remember that I would rather choose a trip to the city than a hike to the mountains :D.

We had been planning to visit Janosikove diery with my friends for a while. Initially, we wanted to go for a walk in the smaller radius, which should have been an easy hike, even for children. We had taken a look at the informational board about the different possible routes before our journey started.

Our journey was going according to plan. We were following the tourist marks and were admiring the spectacular nature surrounding us. But at one point, we took a wrong turn and our improvisation started from there. We were switching between different paths, from blue to yellow then to green. We were choosing our path as we wanted in that moment.

During our adventure, we found a small chalet with sheep, where people could sit, buy refreshments, and chill for a bit. Later our path led us under a hill Maly Rozsutec, but at that point, we decided that it was time to turn around and go back. For our journey back we chose the blue route, which was intended to go up not down. But we discovered this fact in the middle of our journey. It was full of ladders and chains and the weather made the route even more complicated because everything was slippery.

We faced some dangerous situations during that journey, mainly on the ladders, but we survived without any harm and it was amazing. We had a lot of fun and we made a lot of memories.

Few tips which can help you

We are coming closer to the end of this article. I have a few helpful tips for you that I wish I knew before I had gone on this hike.

Tip n. 1 – choose proper shoes

The best option is classic tourist shoes. Proper shoes can help you with walking in more difficult terrain. I would not recommend basic sneakers as I had, because it can be really dangerous mainly in bad weather.

Tip n. 2 – choose the proper attire

You should check the weather forecast and choose your clothes according to it. If there is any chance of rain, you should reach for waterproof clothes and shoes. Don’t forget that humidity and water stay longer in the hills than in the valleys.

Tip n. 3 – plan your route in advance

It will be helpful, if you know which tourist marks you should follow. If you plan this beforehand, you will avoid unplanned changes and lures, that can make your journey more complicated.

Tip n. 4 – Prepare yourself for a few hours hike

The hike in Janosikove diery will take you a few hours. The shortest route takes about 4 hours if I remember correctly, but it can be even longer. So, bring lots of water and food with you.


Photos: Elvia Travel

I will now summarize my thoughts about this place. Even though tourism isn’t my cup of tea and I’m not in the best condition, I still don’t regret visiting this place. The nature there is magnificent. Even though I came home wet and muddy, I had a smile on my face, because not only did I have so much fun with my friends, but I also made memories that I will remember my whole life.

I hope you will like this article. And as a bonus, here is a photo of my not so appropriate shoes after the hike.

That’s all from me and I’m looking forward to you in our next articles!




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