Places to visit in Kosice

Places to visit in Kosice

Kosice – called by many the metropolis of the East. It comes as no surprise that it is the most visited city of Slovakia, being a whirlwind of activity with famous sites at every turn and heaps of tourists, whether domestique or international. Foreignness is certainly welcome here, thanks to the international airport located right in the city, ready to welcome folks from all over the world. Kosice’s center offers an exclusive insight into its rich history, with various gothic, baroque, and classicist architecture.

Here are a few places you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting the city:

St Elizabeth’s Cathedral

St Elizabeth’s Cathedral, unquestionably, is the most prominent fragment of Kosice’s history. Built on the cusp of the 15th century, the cathedral is located right in the most frequent street called The Main Street. This gothic beauty is not only the biggest church in Slovakia, but it is also the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe.

Visitors will definitely be mesmerized by not only its beautiful outer appearance with intricate details but also the gorgeous interior that is available to the public. You can easily access the north tower, from which you will have an amazing outlook of the whole city. In the south tower, you can visit an exhibition and the Crypt of Rákóczi. You will also see St Michael Chapel and Urban Tower which were declared as Cultural Heritage Monuments.

The complete tour with a tour guide costs 7€ for an adult. Without a tour guide, you can access parts of the cathedral available to the public for 5€.

St Michael Chapel

When visiting St Elizabeth’s Cathedral, you must visit St Michael Chapel located right next to the cathedral. It is the 2nd oldest monument in Kosice. Formerly, the chapel served as a cemetery chapel with a medieval cemetery. In the lower part of the chapel, there was initially an ossuary, where they placed human skeleton remains. It no longer fulfills this function. After the cemetery was destroyed, a beautiful park grew in its place.

Jakabov Palace

On the corner of two streets in the Town’s center stands a fairy tale palace called Jakobov palace. This majestic palace built in neo-gothic style will definitely catch the eye of every single person walking by. The construction of the palace was in the honor of king Matej Korvin.

The palace currently serves as an attraction for passersby, but the doors inside the palace are unfortunately closed to the public.

The Main Square

The Main Square is located between the St Elizebeth’s Cathedral and the State Theater. In the middle of the square is a park with a singing fountain filled with hundreds of people every day. The square is full of beautiful architecture, restaurants, cafés, and shops.

The State Theater

Located right in the center of the Main Square, the State Theater built in the 16th century is a famous attraction among visitors. Initially, the theater was used as a café, which was an unknown and unusual phenomenon at the time.

Its prominent appearance – exterior built in the neo-baroque style and interior in the shape of a harp with sumptuous intricate details – will undeniably mesmerize everyone.

The theater offers various performances ranging from opera ensembles, drama plays, and ballet.

View on the city from a different perspective:




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