Places to visit in Trencin

Places to visit in Trencin

Trencin, one of the regional cities of Slovakia, is a thrilling city that offers an insight into not only its enchanting history but also its modern side which will definitely grip the attention of every visitor.

Here are a few places you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting the city:

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Trencin Castle

Trencin Castle, a prominent landmark of Trencin, is situated on top of a hill and its noble presence overlooking the city will undoubtedly captivate the sight of every visitor. The castle is located less than a kilometer away from the railway station and it’s easily accessible for tourists traveling by train. The route to the castle is short. You can also stop at Marianske Square where a few eye-catching sights are located such as St. Michael´s Carner and the Parish Church. The views are incredible and it’s definitely worth going all the way to the top of the castle.

The castle is available to the public, but it is necessary to purchase an entry ticket. You have the option of exploring the corners of the castle with (big circuit) or without (small circuit) a tour guide. The entry fee for adults for the small circuit is 6 € and for the large circuit 7,50 €. The castle offers various discounts for children and the elderly. You also have the option of selecting a foreign language tour guide with an extra charge in English or German.

There are various stops worth checking out when exploring the castle’s premises such as barracks, lower courtyards, the Well of love, famine, Ludovit’s Palace, Matus’s Tower, Men’s Chapel, south fortification, and Barbora’s Palace.

My personal experience

Originally, we went to Trencin just for a concert, but I knew I couldn’t leave the city without exploring it myself. Together with my boyfriend, we decided to visit the castle. We bought a ticket for the small circuit. Not only did we learn something about the castle’s fascinating history but as a sucker for beautiful mesmerizing views, this place did not disappoint.

The only thing that kind of me bummed me out was that Matus’s Tower was closed since it was one of the reasons we visited the castle in the first place. I definitely recommend checking their site to make sure nothing is under reconstruction.

Despite everything, I am planning on coming back and visiting my dream tower.

Executioner’s house

The executioner’s house is one of a kind and it’s located right under the Trencin castle. This building inherited its title from a historical work occupation of the executioner, who was associated with the implementation of death penalties.

There are three exhibitions. One of them portrays the occupation of the executioner, the second one describes the guild and its activities and the last one describes the way of living of Trencin’s former citizens.

The entry fee for adults is 2 € and different discounts for children and seniors can be applied.

St. Michael’s Carner

St. Michael’s Carner is located on Marianske Square along with the Parish Church of Birth of Our Lady right under the castle.

In the carner itself, there is a cultural heritage museum in which you can find a display of works of art. The entry fee for adults is 1€. Discounts are available for students and the elderly. If you would like to visit various sights in Trencin, there’s an option of purchasing a ticket all in one, which includes the entrance to the Trencin castle, Executioner´s house and of course St. Michael´s Carner.

My personal experience

I have not been inside the carner, but the view from the small square next to it was quite exquisite. In my opinion, this is an ideal place, where you can stop, relax for a bit and enjoy the beautiful view of the town. I discovered this place by a chance on my way to the castle. I can easily imagine how beautiful and romantic the atmosphere must be during the night.

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Sturovo square and Mierovo square

Sturovo square is located in the center of Trencin and is named in honor of Ludovit Stur. The square is very spacious with an iconic Fountain of the Valentine’s Waterman, which attracts many tourists. The square has lots of different cafés offering a wide selection of coffee and drinks, restaurants that offer national and international cuisine, and shops with souvenirs.

The synagogue located in the main square is usually closed (opened only for special occasions). Despite the fact that you can’t enter the synagogue, its unusual appearance will definitely appeal to your eyes.

Mierovo square is only a few minutes away from Sturovo square, right under the Trencin castle. There are fountains, benches, and a Plague Pillar, which was built in memory of a large plague epidemic that affected Trencin in the past. There are also various restaurants and cafés that offer a varied selection of dishes and drinks.

My personal experience

Both squares have their own unique charm. I didn’t really view them as historical parts of the city, but more like great places full of cafés and restaurants with a pleasant atmosphere. We stopped in one small pizzeria on the Mierove square. The pizza tasted amazing. If we had a bit more time, I would certainly consider spending more time here to fully take in the life of the city.

Is a trip without a good cup of coffee a trip at all? If you are a lover of coffee just like me, then I definitely recommend going to Paddock, Tearoom, or Dubai Cafe.

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Mierovo square
Plague Pillar

Trencin museum

The Trencin museum is located on Mierovo square. It will definitely interest every admirer of history because it contains almost 178,000 objects in the collection from different industries, such as historical weapons, crafts, and many more.

The opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4:30 pm. The entry fee for adults is 1 € for the permanent exposure and 1 € for the exhibition hall. Discounts are available for children, students, and seniors.

The gallery of Milos Alexander Bazovsky

For enthusiasts of art, this is the place to be!

The gallery opens a doorway into the world of music, art, film, and poetry. Various pieces of art are displayed throughout the gallery by different artists including a collection from Milos Alexander Bazovsky himself.

The gallery is open from Tuesday until Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, on Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. The entry fee for adults is 2 €. There is a 50% discount for children, students, and seniors.




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