Places to visit in Trnava

Places to visit in Trnava

Trnava, the 7th largest city in Slovakia, goes by the nickname “Little Rome” because of the many churches located within the city. Annually, the city organizes various cultural events such as the Trnava fair or the Trnava Gate – folklore festival.

Here are a few places you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting the city:

Historical center

The historical center in Trnava is thought to be one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. The nickname “Little Rome” or “Slovakia’s Rome” was given to the city because of its center full of rich culture and architecture. The center encompassed by colorful houses is packed with prominent sights, such as the Town Tower, restaurants, cafés, and shops.

Right in the middle of the street is a sign TRNAVA which will undoubtedly captivate your sight.

Town Tower

The Town Tower, standing in the historical center is one of the most famous renaissance landmarks in the city. The viewpoint is located 30 meters above the ground offering lovely scenery on the city.

St Nicholas Basilica

The St Nicholas Basilica is a parish gothic church. Until 1920, St Nicholas Basilica was considered the center of religion in the Austro-Hungarian Empire where various church ceremonies took place. The bishops, who served during this time are buried right underneath.

In November 2008, Pope Benedict XVI. declared it as basilica minor, so it could use the papal emblem on its flags and stamp. The coat of arms consists of 3 apples and 2 stars which represent the Virgin Mary.

St John the Baptist Cathedral

Another prominent landmark of the city is St John the Baptist Cathedral. The construction of this magnificent cathedral began in the 16th century. Even though the outside appearance is quite simple in the combination of light and golden colors, the interior is a lot more fascinating. The dominant wooden alter is considered to be the biggest baroque alter in Europe.

In 2003, Pope Jan Pavol II. visited this cathedral, whose statue is displayed right outside of the cathedral. The entrance inside is for free.




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