Places to visit in Zilina

Places to visit in Zilina

Zilina, the 4th largest city in Slovakia is the ideal destination for tourists who admire history. The center of the town provides a captivating insight into Zilina’s history with various prominent sights. As you walk through the narrow streets, they will lead you to open spaces full of cafés, restaurants, and people. Surrounded by mountains, Zilina is close to lots of hiking destinations adored by lovers of nature.

Here are a few places you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting the city:

Marianske square

Marianske square located right in the center of the city is an open space in the shape of a square surrounded by colorful historical buildings on all sides with narrow streets that lead into other parts of the city’s center. The cafés and restaurants full of not only domestic but also international people create a pleasant atmosphere that radiates throughout the whole area.

Right in the square, you can notice a few prominent historic buildings such as the Old Town Hall or the Church of the Conversion of St Paul the Apostle.

If you decide to visit Zilina during Christmas time, make sure you check out the Christmas market.

Budatin Castle

Budatin castle is a medieval castle with a history that dates back to the 13th century. At first, the castle served as a residence for royalty but later became home to several noble families. The oldest part of the castle is a massive four-story tower that is associated with a story of a beautiful princess, whose father locked her up in a tower and the princess is rumored to be still roaming around the castle’s halls to this day.

Right in the castle is a Museum of Povazie that displays lots of artifacts ranging from the history of transport, archeology to natural sciences and even the history of the city itself.

Visitors can also enjoy a nice walk around the castle’s park.

Andrej Hlinka square

As you walk through the National Street full of various shops, restaurants, and cafés, you will be led right into the wide-open space called Andrej Hlinka square.

Overlooking the Andrej Hlinka square is the Holy Trinity Cathedral and Zilina Town Theater. If you are a fan of drama, you can come to watch different plays in the city’s theater.

Each year, the city organizes different cultural events which take place right here.

Rosenfeld palace

For enthusiasts of history and architecture, make sure you visit the Rosenfeld palace. The building was built in secession style with intricate details and is considered the most beautiful building in the city. It was even declared a national cultural monument.

In the present, different cultural events like concerts of serious and contemporary music, movie screening, or various exhibitions are organized in the palace. Visitors can also book a tour with commentary.

photos: Sofia Remisova



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