Skiing resorts that are worth visiting

Skiing resorts that are worth visiting

Hello! It’s Friday and Elvia Travel team has a new article for you. Today I have prepared an article for you about ski resorts that are definitely worth visiting. With the help of my amazing friend, we looked at the best ski resorts in Slovakia.


Jasna. The most popular tourist and sports center of winter and summer recreation. It is located in Low Tatras, in Demanovska valley. It is the largest and most famous ski resort in Slovakia, which in my opinion should be visited at least once. If you are a fan of alpine skiing, you know that Jasna is also well-known abroad, because the Women’s Alpine Skiing World Cup is organized here.

Chopok (the third highest hill in Low Tatras) is one of the most visited localities. Its main feature is a panoramic terrace offering a unique, unforgettable view. The resort is divided into two main areas: north (Liptov) and south (Horehronie). Jasna offers almost 50 km of slopes and 27 transport facilities.

Ski pass prices for a day range from 49 € to 59 €, depending on whether you buy ski passes online (cheaper option) or directly at the ticket office in the resort. I would recommend buying it in advance. It will be cheaper and you will avoid waiting in the queue. There are several accommodation facilities directly in the resort (from luxury four-star hotels to the highest hotel in Chopok). During the winter months, there are several ski bus lines that take you directly to the resort.


Jasna definitely gets 5 stars from me. It is one of the best ski resorts I have ever visited. They offer excellent service, their slopes have ideal conditions for skiing and the overall atmosphere is pleasant. The only disadvantage would be waiting a long time in line over the weekend, due to the huge interest of people in the services of the resort.

Winter Park Martinky

The resort is located right in the heart of Slovakia, near the city of Martin. Winter Park Martinky is located at an altitude of 1456 m.n.m. and offers 12 different slopes. Here, you can find everything that belongs to the perfect ski resort. There are fast food buffets right on the slopes, where you can stop when you get hungry. Of course, there must be restaurants where you can have a proper lunch. You can find them in hotels or cottages nearby. All the services that the resort offers are located directly in it, so you don´t have to waste time and you can enjoy skiing to the fullest.

The slope is usually covered with natural snow (of course if there is enough of it during the winter months). The price of ski passes for a day ranges from € 20 to € 35. It’s worse with access to the resort, as the road is one-way, which means that the traffic is controlled and you only get up or down at a certain time.


Although for many people, Martinky may not be the most popular resort. The main advantage for me is their location. Waiting in line is minimal and in beautiful sunny weather, you can have an unforgettable view of the Low Tatras.

Ski resort Rohace

The ski resort Rohace is located directly in the Tatra National Park in Western Tatras, with a chair lift, which is one of the highest ski resorts in Slovakia. Cross-country trails are maintained in the area. Rohace is one of the most attractive tourist locations in Slovakia.

High altitude creates quality conditions for skiing. The ski season in this resort lasts from December to April, which is the longest of all in Slovakia. The price of a ski pass for a day ranges from € 30 to € 33. It also has plenty of dining options. Here you will find buffets with outdoor terraces where you can enjoy coffee, tea, and other beverages and meals, as well as a self-service restaurant. Free parking is also available on site.


A beautiful ski resort, but one of the hardest ones for me, so I would recommend it to more experienced skiers. It is necessary to prepare for a long wait because there are only two cable cars, and in case of bad weather, only one works.

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