Small things which make Dublin magical

Small things which make Dublin magical

Hello! Today I prepared the second article of our Dublin trilogy. But this time, we won´t focus on sightseeings and nice places in Dublin, but instead, we will take a look at small things which made this city magical for me.


You can find many musicians in Dublin. They are almost at every popular street. The most famous street for musicians is Grafton Street. I saw at least 5 musicians while I was walking through this street.

Music is a big part of my life. But I think we can all agree that music in headphones cannot replace live music. It is really magical to stop for a second and enjoy live music. Whenever I saw street musician, I always stopped for a moment and enjoyed myself and the music. And I always had a smile on my face.


During my bus travels, I saw many stunning pieces of art. The most common type were big murals with interesting designs. You can find countless murals in Dublin and every art lover will be pleased. But even if you are not a big fan of art, you will appreciate the nice art on the streets.


The people in Dublin seem very nice. Kind people are in countries all over the world and you can also find mean people in Dublin, but overall, the people there were really helpful and kind during my whole stay.

For example, one waiter told me, he liked my jacket and that made me smile. Other people were joking around, other were telling me that it was nice to meet me. There wasn´t one day, when people didn´t put a smile on my face.

Random things

Dublin is and always will be the most random town for me. Nothing is impossible there and there is nothing that will surprise me.

There was a strong rain the first day and I saw random man on a small carriage behind a horse. He was just circling around while I was waiting for my bus. And that wasn´t the only person with horse I have seen in Dublin.

While walking through the city, we saw small groups of people on small platforms. These platforms were moving, when people on them were cycling. While they were cycling, music played in the background and they were just singing. I was amazed, when I saw this the first time, they were just glowing with an amazing energy. Many times, I just wanted to sing with them.

Double-decker buses

This part is more of a joke. You are definitely thinking to yourself, that buses are everywhere and yes, you are right. But my first time on double-decker bus was really interesting experience. Me and my friends were calling the front seats at the second floor VIP seats and we never missed an opportunity to sit there.


Dublin left an amazing impression. During my two weeks stay, I experienced so many unforgettable things, that I cannot fit them all in 5 articles. There was not a day when I did not have a smile on my face. Even when my day was not the best, there was always something or someone, who made it better.

If you ever get the chance to visit Dublin, do not hesitate. I guarantee you won´t regret it. I did not want to leave this city.

And that´s all from me for today and I will be looking forward to you in another articles!




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