Sulov Rocks

Sulov Rocks

Nature is definitely one of our favorite places. That is why we are here with another article, where we will look at an interesting place for tourists. The Sulov Rocks.

Access to this place

Sulov Rocks are an exceptional place due to the fact that they do not only have one but several different routes from different directions. Some of them are more complicated, but there are also easier ones. I would recommend them to people who are not really used to hiking. I have been here twice, so I have tried two different routes. However, I still miss visiting the central part of the rocks. This nature trail is very famous so you will definitely see the significant rock towers, steep cliffs, and stone shapes.

You can get there from Povazska Bystrica through the Maninska Gorge, from Bytca through Sulov – Hradna, directly from Rajecka lesna and the village of Sulov, or along a forest path from Lietava.

Sulov Rocks from my point of view

I visited Sulov Rocks for the first time at the beginning of winter 2 years ago. We came to the village of Sulov and we walked across a meadow and a forest path, which led us to Rohacske sedlo and right to the beginning of these stone shapes. The trip took about an hour and a half because our pace was slower. We definitely enjoyed all the beauties of nature.

For the second time, I also chose a very easy route from Lietava. It was a forest road, which was not very difficult. Of course, there were small climbs and hills, but without them, it would not be possible to get to the beginning of the rocks. As you can see, it is not a problem if you want to take your dog, as the route is not demanding.

I think this location is a really beautiful place for a short trip in nature. Whether you decide to choose an easier route or a hiking trail, you will definitely not regret it. I used to hate nature trips, but I am starting to realize that nature is a very peaceful place that helps us escape our everyday problems.

If you decide to visit this place, do not forget to tell us in our comments. I hope you like the article and see you soon.




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