Summer destinations in Bulgaria

Summer destinations in Bulgaria

Hey! It is Friday again and we have a new article for you. Summer is coming and holiday season as well, so I prepared a comparison of summer destinations in Bulgaria. I visited all these places and they all have their own magic. So, if you are interested in spending your holiday near the sea, give Bulgaria a chance.

Some information about Bulgaria

First, I am going to tell you a little bit about Bulgaria, so you know what to expect. Bulgaria is a coastal country, which is located on Balkan peninsula. Its neighbouring countries are Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and on its east border is the Black Sea.

The best weather in Bulgaria is during summer months – July and August. There are nice temperatures and the sea is warm enough for swimming during this time. The Black sea is one of the colder seas, so don’t expect warm water like in the Red Sea. If you don’t like extremely hot weather, but you still want to enjoy a holiday near the sea, Bulgaria won’t disappoint you.

Black Sea


A small town on the coast of Bulgaria. Around 7 000 people live there and it can remind you of a village. It is located 70 kilometers from Burgas, where planes fly from many countries.

There are several public beaches in town, where you can rent water bikes or deck chairs. You can find private beaches as well, but they are usually owned by hotels. There is a small port, where you can go on short cruises. But make sure to check the sea, because you definitely don’t want to sail on a small boat during the big waves.

In the middle of the town is a small center, where you can find some shops with everything – food, souvenirs or inflatables. But if you like the nightlife, you will be bored. This town is ideal for people who seek peace and rest.


Primorsko is another small town located only 50 kilometres from Burgas. There are two main beaches (the north beach and the south beach) or more, but I only know about these two. I personally went to the north beach. The route to the beach is not ideal everywhere, because there are cliffs somewhere, but the beach is nice. You can pay for deck chairs and parasols and you can find different water attractions (from water bikes to water scooters and many more).

I discovered there one Bulgarian “specialty”, which I favour to this day. It is big potato filled with different things of your choice. You should definitely try it, if you ever visit Bulgaria.

Night life and city centre are definitely better than those in Tsarevo. The centre is not big, but the town wakes up at night. There were different carousels and of course classic shops with everything. And I also had the biggest cotton candy in my life there (I was smaller, but it was almost half the size of me :D).

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is one of the most popular places in Bulgaria. It is located 35 kilometres from Burgas and you can find small historic town Nesebar right next to it – I definitely recommend visiting. You can find many hotels in the town and there are beaches along the whole city.

The biggest lure of this town is its night life and shopping promenade, which is a few kilometers long. This promenade is full of different shops or carousels. You can find everything that comes to your mind there. There are different water attractions at the beach. You can try parasailing as well.

This town is ideal for evening walks on promenade or beaches and the night life really shines there.


The last town on this list is Pomorie. It is located 20 kilometres from Burgas and it has around 15 000 inhabitants. The town is on a small peninsula, so it is surrounded by beaches and sea.

The town centre is not big, but it has everything you need – from exchange offices, goldsmith to shops with souvenirs. You can get to a small port from the centre or you can walk along the coast – there is a road next to the beaches and the sea.

The town was really peaceful and the night life wasn´t great. But if you are looking for a smaller town, where you can enjoy your holiday, Pomorie won’t disappoint you.


So, this is all from my list of places I visited in Bulgaria. I did not include every destination in Bulgaria, because I had not visited them. But if you want to see other towns as well, try to look at Sozopol, Golden Sands, Varna or Sveti Vlas.

And that is all from me for today. I hope you liked this article and you are in the mood for a holiday in Bulgaria.




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