Winter is here, but many people still remember summer and hot weather. And it is not different in Elvia Travel. In today’s article wise will take a look at a small island in Greece called Zakynthos. I spend two weeks at this island during summer and I will tell you everything I learned about it.

Basic info

Zakynthos is very small island with an area of 400 square kilometers. There are hills and valleys across the island and between them are narrow squiggly roads. Driving on these roads is very difficult, mainly with bigger cars or buses. The ideal means of transport are scooters, motorbikes or quads, which you can rent almost everywhere.

There is public bus transport on the island, but it is in bad condition. Renting a car is the best option if you want to discover the whole island, which you can easily do in a few days.

Town Zakynthos

There is only one official and capital town on this island which is called Zakynthos or Zante.

This town offers nice atmosphere, many shops and historical sights. It is port town, built in Venice style. There is a big port with many luxurious boats and yachts.

If you want to shop, look at beautiful narrow streets and colorful houses, which may remind you of town Venice, definitely add Zakynthos to your list. The only thing you need to remember is that in Greece shops are closed during afternoon because of siesta.

Beach Navagio

Zakynthos offers on beautiful beach after another. But one of its beaches is truly spectacular. This beach is called Navagio and it is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is surrounded by enormous cliffs, which make this beach accessible only by a boat.

But that is not all – its biggest attraction is boat wreck, which is located in the middle of the beach. According to available sources, this boat is from the 1980s and it collapsed on the beach during storm. Many say, that this boat was used to smuggle cigarettes and tobacco, but this was never officially confirmed.

Even though the boat is now only a wreck, thousands of people visit this beach every year. When I visited it, it was crowded, the boats were arriving and leaving every few minutes. Although is was full of people, it was still worth it. I never seen anything similar in my life and I definitely recommend visiting this place.

Blue caves

Whole island is surrounded by amazing blue water. But the water near blue caves is truly unbelievable. It has every shade of blue and it is so clear that is looks shallow, even though it is few meters deep.

All this is surrounded by cliffs and caves, which are so beautiful to look at. If you have smaller boat, you can go inside one of the caves, but you will not be disappointed if you just look at them from distance. If you dare, you can also swim there.

You may have seen these caves on postcards or posters, but seeing them in reality is a pleasure.

Sulfur sources in the water

Some places around the island offer sulfur sources in the water. Locals call these places natural spas. Sulfur is great for hair, nails or skin deficits. It is said that if you swim there, you will look 10 years younger.

The only disadvantage is that the water is little bit cooler and it has odd smell. But these things should not prevent you from visiting. And as a bonus, there is beautiful nature and water with every shade of blue.


Zakynthos is also famous because of turtles Caretta-Caretta which are one of the biggest type of turtles. These turtles lay their eggs on some beaches in Zakynthos, so their appearance is not anything unusual. The second beaches are protected by law, but there is still a possibility of visiting them. You can book many trips focused on seeing these turtles.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to go on one of these trips, but if I return to Zakynthos, I will definitely go.


If you ever considered visiting this island, definitely do it. There is amazing weather during summer, water is always warm and nice. Zakynthos is ideal for people who want to chill on holiday, but also for people who want to visit new places and explore new things.




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