Contact ZOO – life of animals at hand

Contact ZOO – life of animals at hand

Hey! In today’s article I will recommend visiting another interesting place, that will definitely make everyone happy. We will take a look at a contact ZOO in Liptovsky Mikulas.

Location and accessibility

As I already mentioned, this ZOO is located in Liptovsky Mikulas, next to aquapark Tatralandia. Nearby is also Heliport Liptov, which is mainly known for its upside-down house.

You can get to the ZOO with car or bus. There should be no problem with parking, because Tatralandia has its own big parking lot. Buses leave directly from bus station in Liptovsky Mikulas, which is next to the train station, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding it. But if you choose to travel by bus, pay close attention to bus departures, because if you miss your bus, you will have to walk there (3,4 kilometres which will take you around 45 minutes).

Entrance and attractions

The entrance fee to the ZOO is a bit more expensive, but I promise you won’t be disappointed. The entrance costs 13 € per person, but there are other attractions included apart from the contact with animals.

You can go to miniatures park, where you can find smaller versions of world-known buildings, mirror labyrinth, carousel, train, Jazierkovo (place with lakes), church on angel hill and many more. And the main reason for visiting – contact with some of the animals is included in entrance fee as well.

Animals at hand

In ZOO you can find many kinds of animals. You can see for example cats, llamas, ostrich, turtles, different breeds of birds, lions, tigers, kangaroos and many more. Visit the official website of the ZOO if you want to know more information about the animals there (link here).

Now let’s talk about the contact with animals. Touching lions or tigers is prohibited. But you are allowed to pet the safe animals, and believe me, you will definitely like it.

I visited this place not so long ago. It was off season, so we received a schedule with certain times and places, where the keepers will be. If you get this type of schedule, I would recommend following it. It is possible that you won’t get this schedule in summer, because the keepers are there all the time (I can’t confirm or disprove this information).

Which animals can you pet?

Every potential visitor of the ZOO wants to know the answer to this question. You can visit parrots, rabbits, turtles, smaller breeds of birds, reptiles, cats, squirrels, kangaroos and more.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to pet all the animals at the ZOO. But I did pet parrots, rabbits, cats, turtle and only an electric fence separated me from the bears.

In addition to personal contact, the ZOO keepers will tell you interesting facts about the animals, so that’s a plus for me. But if you are expecting a classic ZOO full of educational signs, unfortunately you will have to look elsewhere.

My experience from the ZOO

If you are an animal lover, this will definitely be a heaven for you. For the first time in my life, I had squirrels and parrots climbing all over me, I petted a turtle that weighted 30 kilos and experienced so much more.

The opportunity to see these animals from a different point of view is a really amazing experience and I definitely recommend adding this place to your bucket list.

If I ever visited this place again, I would definitely spend more than two hours here. Tip for you: expect spending at least half a day there, it won’t be a short visit. And I would definitely follow the schedule from the beginning. By doing this, you will avoid confusion and you will know when you can go to the different animals.


This place is really interesting and everyone will be satisfied after visiting. It is one of the few places in Slovakia that offers this type of experience and it is definitely worth it.

And if you want to travel there for few days, you can combine it with visiting Tatralandia, where you can have fun in the water or you can relax. And be sure to consider visiting Heliport Liptov, where you can see models of helicopters or planes and of course the upside-down house.

That’s all from me and I will be looking forward to seeing you again in another articles!




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